Thank you to all of our supporters for helping Team Ontario make it to the National Winter Games!

  1. Special Olympics Kingston

  2. Special Olympics Kincardine

  3. Resolute FP Canada Inc

  4. Haliburton County Red Wolves

  5. Wayne Gretzky Foundation

  6. Hamilton SO Skating Trust

  7. Special Olympics Blue Mountain Alpine Team

  8. SOO Peterborough Community

  9. Gayle Manns

  10. Knights of Columbus Council 15920

  11. Enterprise Holdings Foundation

  12. E+R Jewell Contracting Limited

  13. Dryden Community Donations

  14. Dryden Community Donations

  15. JSW Manufacturing

  16. Knights of Columbus Council 11086

  17. Jane Carrick

  18. SOO Brockville Community

  19. Process Flow Systems

  20. Henry Liu

    We at GPI are always apt to sponsor and support special events within our community such as the Winter Special Olympics that Ezekiel is participating in. We are very happy to support Ezekiel in this special event. Ezekiel – go get ‘em and we will be cheering you on! Kenneth Tan (Managing Director of GPI)
  21. Eric

    We're proud to support our students.
  22. Winmar Hamilton

  23. Lakehead University Orillia

  24. Let's Landscape Together

  25. Peterborough Torch Runners

  26. Superior Environmental

  27. Warren Lions Club

  28. Thunder Bay Community Donations

  29. Loblaw Companies Ltd.

  30. Loblaw Companies Ltd.

  31. Thunder Bay Community Donations

  32. Kingston Community Donations

  33. Way Safe Communications

  34. Donald Ellis

  35. Karma Salon

  36. Refinish Systems Inc.

  37. Thunder Bay Community Donations

  38. Manitoulin Community Donations

  39. Kawartha Credit Union

  40. Tamara Needham

  41. MBRP Social Committee

  42. Thunder Bay Community Donations

  43. Systemair

  44. SOO Peterborough Community

  45. Special Olympics Peterborough

  46. Phil Alyea

  47. Burlington Community Donations

  48. Vivian Brioux

  49. Michela Pauselli-Salter

  50. First Nations Chiefs of Police Association of Canada

  51. Revolution Staffing (2008) Ltd.

  52. St. Anne's Knights of Columbus

  53. Cementation Canada Inc.

  54. Bob's Service Center

  55. Sudbury Credit Union

  56. St. Mary School

  57. Whitby Mazda

  58. Unifor Local

  59. La Mirage Esthetics

  60. Cathy Paroschy Harris

  61. Mietkiewicz Law

  62. Gardens Gate Restaurant

  63. CUPE Local 2624

  64. CUPE Local 2624

  65. Tom and Gillian Gordon

  66. Abate Georgian Bay Chapter 10

  67. Rotary Club of Hepworth-Shallow Lake

  68. K.N. Crowder MFG. Inc.

  69. Sylvia Blake

  70. Rotary Club of Walkerton

  71. George Jeffrey Childrens Foundation

  72. Rotary Club of Gore Bay


  74. Jennifer Rade

    Cole - congratulations and go fast down those slopes
  75. Alvin Henrickson

    Money was raised by athlete Alvin Hendrickson for use in the Ottawa floor hockey program
  76. Special Olympics Sudbury East

  77. Special Olympics Sudbury East

  78. Thunder Bay Community Donations

  79. Burlington Community Donations

  80. Matteo Pauselli

    Thi donation is for my big brother. Have a blast at the games Marco!!!
  81. Elena Pauselli

  82. Lawrence Rosdobutko

  83. Carolyn Mauro

  84. Brent Hughes

  85. Andritz Hydro

  86. Kelly McKenna

  87. Knights of Columbus Charity

  88. Pringle Creek Foundation

  89. Susan EldridgeVautour

    Go Jay go! Run fast!
  90. Burlington Community Donations

  91. Ray Zuliani

    Good luck Tyler
  92. E.S. Fox Limited

  93. Stevans Sales & Marketing

  94. Sheridan Seating Inc.

  95. 487330 Ontario Ltd.

  96. Morello's Your Independent Grocer

  97. Anonymous

    Anne you are an inspiration to us all!
  98. Wally Van Horn

  99. Miles Goacher

    Good luck Terry!
  100. Montana Trailer Transport

  101. Jennifer Dunne

    Good luck Bailie!
  102. Patrick Kelly

    Best Of Luck Josh
  103. Andrew Howlett

  104. Patrick Locke

  105. Niamh Bannon

    Good Luck Terry
  106. Alan Abrams

  107. Donna and Stanley Shenkman

    Good luck Kenny in the Special Olympics
  108. Heather and Peter Whaley

  109. Murray Miller

    We are very proud of you and wish you great success
  110. Corporation of the Township of Billings

  111. Bromley Automotive

  112. Greg Roberts

    So proud of you Cole! Wishing you the best of luck on your competition!
  113. Tim Messner

    Good Luck Cole....
  114. Lisa Stout

    Way to go, Cole!
  115. Gore Bay - Western Manitoulin Lions

  116. D.M. Wills Associates Ltd.

  117. LLF Lawyers

  118. Daniel Eriksen

  119. Sandra Bruce

  120. Ruth Jennings

  121. Ruth Kroft

  122. Betty Hagarty

  123. Mary Cizmar

  124. Roger + Debby Sutton

  125. Kevin Mau

  126. Jessica Yungblut

    The Ripley Huron Skating Club is so proud of you and all your accomplishments! We wish you all the best in at Nationals!
  127. Midhurst Tennis Club

  128. Dorn Lewis

  129. Dr. Heather Lariviere

  130. Knights of Columbus - Assumption - Keene

  131. Thunder Bay Community Donations

  132. Lions Club of Peterborough

  133. Scott Vautour

    Have fun and bring home some medals!
  134. Rolly's Heating + Air Conditioning Inc.

  135. Cindy Wilson

  136. George W. Roberts

  137. Tina Travale

    We are so proud of you Jordan!
  138. Wendy Ward

    Thank you Jordan for your friendship with Jesse. We appreciate you.


  141. Soucie-Salo Safety

  142. Carolyn Campbell

  143. Christopher McArthur

  144. John Dewar's Autosource Sales & Leasing Ltd.

  145. Susan Eldridge-Vautour

    Donations from Stephanie, Beth, Dustin and Celeste for Jason Vautour..."You got this, buddy!"
  146. Ruthanne Francis

  147. Becky Ostrom

  148. Lyle Van Horn

  149. Yuka & Mike Gibbs

    Good luck Philip!!!
  150. Sara Neva

    Proud of you Jason!
  151. Dufferin Concrete

  152. Maureen Bedard-Slack

    An amazing group that teaches sharing, caring and the positive result of good effort.
  153. Colin Lackner

  154. Patrick Murphy

    Skate well my friend! We are all proud of you.
  155. Canadian Tire Chelmsford

  156. Bulwark Protective Coatings

  157. Karl Kiefer

  158. Joe & Trudy Pavia

  159. Kaitlyn Townsley

  160. Jane A Green

    Way to go. Keep up the good work.
  161. Todd Fucile

  162. Cody Cizmar

  163. Morgan Ruskin

    Good luck, Kenny! We've never met but your story inspired me! Best of luck at the Olypmics!!
  164. Kamaljit K Saini

  165. Capt Greg Bailey

  166. Janet Graham

  167. I Accetta Plumbing Heating Inc.

  168. Jo Walton

  169. Dean Dobson

    Go getem Coley D, show them your Ingemar Stenmark!
  170. Sharron Hart

    Cheering you on Cole! Good luck,
  171. Heather & Lyle Strain

  172. William Riach

  173. Theriault Equipment Rentals

  174. Kathryn Barr

    This is a wonderful program, building skill and confidence.
  175. Kelly Kozak

    We at World Gym Brantford are very proud of Meghan for her dedication and hard work with her training.
  176. Deborah Jestin

  177. Kim Morgan

    We are rooting for you and your team Cole. Way to go!! Love Kim and Chris
  178. Lee Ann Travaglini

    Go Team Go
  179. Barb Allan

    Way to go Cole!!! You will do fantastic!
  180. Wendy Musto

    Cole you are an inspiration to all of us- Wishing you all the Best!!
  181. Suzanne Whittamore

  182. david robichaud

    Cole we know you will do well get them Buddy
  183. Barbara Allan

    Way to go Cole! You can do this... you will be fantastic!!
  184. NISA/Northern Initiative for Social Action

  185. Sandra Birnbaum

    Lots of luck Kenny from cousin Sandra
  186. Thunder Bay Community Donations

  187. Michael & Adrienne Kaplan

    Way to go Kenney! We are proud of you
  188. Ronald Smith

    Have a great time at this event. Roz and Ron S.
  189. Stephen Newstead

  190. Glenn MacDonell

  191. Christina Jones

  192. Robert Montgomery

  193. Ray Francis

    Good luck Uncle Bruce! From your biggest fans
  194. Fiona & Doug Maki

    Good Luck Jay!
  195. Roberta Maillet

  196. Ramine Shaw

    You are my hero Philip and I support you.
  197. Nancy Chapple Smokler

    Good luck Phillip!
  198. Talk Is Free Theatre

  199. Derek Morton

  200. Joanne Tocci

  201. Colleen Pungitore

  202. Lori Leavy

  203. Christine Gordy

    Continue your awesome journey through sports Jay.
  204. Marilyn Aitken

  205. Danine Rutler

  206. Nancy Vaillancourt

    Go Dayne! Go Team Manitoulin!
  207. Darren Garnham

    Good luck to all of the athletes in Thunder Bay!
  208. Tony Siroen

    Good luck Scott and the rest of the London team
  209. Sally Major

    Go get em!
  210. Cecyle Derouin

  211. Kevin's Barbershop

  212. Ola Lazzarotto

  213. Hector Lazzarotto

  214. Harriette Borins

  215. Lara Christine Shepherd

    I'm really excited for Kait to have this amazing experience.
  216. Elaine Katz

    We are proud of you Kenny.
  217. Howard and Cathy Dinetz

  218. Katie Bracken

  219. Evelyn Fillier

  220. Barbara Fraser

  221. Janice SARGENT

  222. Shaun Goodman

  223. Kate R

    Good luck to everyone!!!!!
  224. Michelle Clarke

  225. Liz Gilchrist

  226. Trudee Romanek

  227. Kodie Hemmons

  228. Barrie Community Donations

  229. Stephen Wise

  230. Corey Adler

  231. Lynne Quigley

    Melissa is a friend of mine so I am supporting her.
  232. Susan J Pidgeon

    I taught Philip and he is an inspiration to all athletes who compete with Special Olympics.
  233. Fiona Brown

  234. Jacqueline Hilton

  235. Karen Gordon

    You are an amazing young man so full of strength, determination and pride.
  236. Willa Wilson

    To the five men who are representing the Manitoulin - best of luck! We are all very proud of you.
  237. Charlene Cooper

    Philip is a great inspiration.
  238. Roberta Kolody

    Good Luck, Matthew!
  239. Sharon Moore

    Awesome Jason...….wishing you all the best!
  240. Dawn Marie Freeland

  241. Brenda and Jerry Conway

  242. Amber Chenier

  243. Sylvie Larocques

  244. Cody Jansma

    Good luck to all athletes!
  245. Susan Hilhorst

  246. Judy Buck

    Way to go Korissa!!
  247. Cindy Mccully

    Congrats Korissa
  248. Jerilyn Wilson

    Congrats Korissa!!!
  249. Vicky Dvorak

    Keep up the great work and attitude Phil!
  250. Phil Lusk

    Phil was a former cadet of mine although he moved to another corps when he moved to Barrie many years ago.
  251. Iain Moggach

    Go get 'em, Phil!
  252. Lynn Bishop

    a friend of Rob Pivato's a friend of mine. All the best Phil!
  253. Jennifee Rock

  254. roland csach

  255. Fabio Palermo

    Go get'em Philip!
  256. Dayle Sheehan


  258. Jeannette Montgomery

    Go Bruce, Go!
  259. Laura-Lee Kelloway

    Good luck team!
  260. Michael Torontow

  261. Fox Jones

  262. Verna Connolly

  263. David Macleod

    Luv ya Phil
  264. matthew seymour

  265. Karen Luyendyk

  266. Jim & Marion Armitage

  267. Gerry Kurtz

  268. Andrew Heubner

  269. John and Pauline Boll

    Good luck Jason!
  270. Veronica Jaekel

    Good Luck!
  271. Suzanne Yanchuk

    Go Jason Go!
  272. daniel bonder

  273. Deanna Archer

  274. Cody Paris

    Good luck Kayla!!
  275. Joel Frankel

    Read that you are competing in the Canadian Jewish News. The article was very inspiring. Good luck Kenneth!
  276. Sloane Gordon

  277. David Cohen

  278. sheldon goldstein

    enjoy the experience...from one athlete to another
  279. Stephanie Koroscil

  280. Annette Heath

  281. Marley and Jerry Greenglass

    Great thing you are doing
  282. Devon Prevost

  283. Carla Vermeulen

  284. Jesse Campbell

  285. Teresa Glaeser

  286. Janet Shannon

  287. Line Plante

  288. Lynn Beaulieu

  289. Lynne Scupazzi

  290. Diane Cooper

    Good luck , we are cheering for you !
  291. Luc Jolivet

  292. Dj White

    Woot woot!
  293. Kathy Crawford

  294. Marielle Lamarche

  295. Marita Bailey

    Best Wishes, Jason Coleman
  296. Ron & Ricki Mintz

    Best wishes Kenny!
  297. Haizhen Zhao

  298. Missy Cohen

  299. Susan Reidl

  300. Raymond Brouin

  301. John& Monique Burmaster

  302. Lynn Aubuchon

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