I’m fundraising for the 2021 Ontario Virtual Torch Run! Join me in supporting Special Olympics Ontario athletes!  We are looking to raise $34,000 this year for 34 Years of Torch Run in Ontario!

This campaign is in support of the Ontario Virtual Torch Run. Unfortunately this year due to COVID 19 torch runs will not be held, however this is a global movement. Supporters all across Ontario are helping to build awareness, and support the cause. I have decided to make it one of my personal goals to help raise $10,000!!

100% of funds raised will help support the athletes of Special Olympics in Ontario.

I truly would love your support not only for contributing to the cause but also assisting in reaching this goal ! Any donation truly counts,

Lets all come together as a united front and make a difference, be the difference!!

 Thankyou I really appreciate everyone’s support in this


Kind Regards,

Divya Bhagria