Special Olympics Ontario, and our home chapter in Port Colborne play a strong role in our family. Many of you know that I do a lot of fundraising for a number of different organizations and many of you support as often as you can. So, although you are more then welcome to make a donation I am participating in the Torch Run again this year to spread awareness about the Special Olympic organization.

Special Olympics Ontario provides the opportunity for people of all ages who manage intellectual disability to participate in sport from local recreational play to world class international competition. But sport is just what we think of first when we see the S.O. symbol. Many do not know that participants also engage in leadership programming, health awareness such as nutrition, mental health and physical fitness. Participants are also ambassadors of their sport, the Special Olympics organization and representatives of their community.

Fun Fact. Port Colborne is home to a number of athletes that have participated not only throughout Canada and the US but as far as United Arab Emirates in sports such as golf, swimming and bowling and bocce ball.

Special Olympics promotes individuality, inclusion, ability and community with programs available to anyone with an intellectual disability. Through social engagements, dedicated training and competition Special Olympians form a tight community where personal success is met with equal celebration to that of being awarded the medal.

Throughout the pandemic staff at Toronto’s head office have continuously surveyed communities and in response created virtual programming and other tools to best serve volunteers and athletes.  When devices and internet access were expressed as a barrier to engagement, a Tablet Loan program was created. Any athlete or volunteer could borrow a tablet that arrived fully loaded with the most recent virtual support, health and fitness programs. Just turn it on and get moving!

Thank you to all the Port Colborne coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers and athlete support teams for your help and patience over the past year. And a special thank you for Aaron Gross for heading both the Polar Plunge and the Torch Run.

I am grateful for the everyone in the organization’s history who has made Special Olympics available to our family, and I am proud to serve as the Community Coordinator along with our team of volunteers to continue to grown Special Olympics in the community of Port Colborne.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates and photos of the fun ways we celebrate Special Olympics in Port Colborne.

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